The Team

L'Eco del Bunker - the only student-run magazine at Bocconi University - is led by a team of professional individuals who strive to deliver quality content that represents and celebrates diversity, the pursuit of knowledge, and passion for expression.

An Economics student with a love for writing, old movies, fashion and cats. I plan on a lucrative career in hand modelling just in case this whole 'business school' thing doesn't work out (people say I have nice hands).


Sabrina Shahnaz

I believe in the uniqueness of each and every person, I stand for liberty and I value freedom of expression in all of its forms.

Vice President

Sofia Moramarco

Passionate about poetry.

Curious about the world.


Alessandro Bognoli

Better a bad day on the water than a good day in the office.


Department Heads​

Elena BocchiEnglish

Giorgio Michalopoulous, Italian

Sami Norredine, French

Nora GasserGerman

Alessandra Lázaro, Spanish

Alessandro Cavagnera, Graphics

Marianne Bulot, Administration

Simone Roccoli, External Affairs

Audrey Daley, Web Editor​

Amaury Auziere, Social Media​

Bifan Cheng, Social Media

Defne Coklar, Social Media


Benoît Daoglio

Aurora Rossini

Niharika Bhat

Enzo Bertoni

Pietro Mazzeri

Sarah Baracchini Caputi

Ishan Bhatt

Caterina Cattaneo

Giada Garofani

Alice Leoni

Ignazio Boccia

Andrea Margutti

Luca Tosi

Paolo Vitrano

Fabio Pintore

Alessandro Bonetti

Sophie Béquet

Alessandro Derchi


Ines Jackson

Kenneth Ilagan

Sofia Mason

Caterina Santagati

Beatrice Balzano

Laura Simoncelli

Carlotta Pezzoli

Paolo J. Vitrano

Chiara Franzini

Joseph Donat Bolton

Carly Cornell

Federico Pisani


Born in Brussels, I'm curious and eager to be superior to my former self.

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